10+ years of web development using
Ruby on Rails

At BigBinary, we have been doing Ruby on Rails development for 10 years now. We recognized the potential in Ruby on Rails early and we joined the bandwagon. Since then, we have not looked back.

10+ years of Ruby on Rails

We help make Ruby on Rails better by contributing to it

Over the years, we have made tons of contributions to Ruby on Rails code. At this time, three of the top 40 contributors to Ruby on Rails are part of the BigBinary team.

Every month, BigBinary team members are constantly sending pull requests, reviewing pull requests and giving back to the community.

We have spoken at many global & regional conferences

From Tokyo to San Francisco, from Colombia to Colorado, from Banglore to Barcelona - BigBinary team members have spoken at many global & regional conferences .

We have also conducted many workshops on topics ranging from Advanced Ruby on Rails to React.js and React Native.

Rocky Mountain Ruby Coloarado, USA
Ruby on Rails Conference Kansas city Kansas City, USA
Full Stack Fest Barcelona, Spain
Ruby Conference Philippines Boracay, Philippines
jQuery Conference Banglore, India
San Francisco, USA

Open source is
our lifestyle

We at Bigbinary have contributed to open source projects like Ruby on Rails, React.js, jQuery, Sinatra, Backbone.js, Spree, BabelJS and many more.

Besides contributing to open source projects we carefully watch how projects are managed there and we try to run our projects internally using same principles of asynchronous communication and open discussion.