Accessing localhost from React Native

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Making API requests to a server running in the local machine(localhost) is a little tricky in React Native.

In iOS, it's quite simple, requesting http://localhost will directly connect to the computers localhost. But if we try the same thing in Android it won't work. The reason being that localhost/ in Android points to the device's localhost not the computers.

There are different ways to get around this.

In Android, we can use the IP to access computers localhost.

1const baseUrl = Platform.OS === 'android' ? '' : 'http://localhost';

In a project, we can use the above logic to decide what baseUrl to use based on the platform. Afterwards, we can use this baseUrl for all APIs.

Method 2

The second method is to stick with localhost itself and use the React Native Debugger(RND) to route the connection to the computers localhost. To do this, first, we have to enable Debug Mode from the device debug menu and then we have to turn on Network inspect from RND.

When using this approach there won't be any change in the code for Android. But we always have to connect RND for this to work.