React.js over Rails view

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Using React.js over Rails view was a hard decision for us here at BigBinary. BigBinary is a Ruby on Rails consulting company, and we have been using Ruby on Rails for the last nine years.

Over the years we have seen the shift that more and more of our clients are asking for React.js to be the view layer of their applications instead of Rails view.

Today, more than 90% of the applications that we are building for our clients use React.js. Therefore, we can't claim that this book is well maintained unless we include lessons on integrating React to Rails application.

So, in this book, we will be using React.js to write frontend code. If you are a beginner to React and JavaScript, you can use the materials mentioned in the below section to learn the fundamentals. We won't recommend going into depth about React.js, given that this book is more oriented towards Ruby on Rails.

We will be developing a simple demo application using Rails and React in the upcoming chapters. Stay tuned!

Free materials to learn JavaScript





Free materials to learn React.js

Teaching React.js is beyond the scope of this book. Here are some free materials to learn React.js.

Free Materials to learn React hooks

Free materials to learn Formik

We won't be using Formik in this application but it is a good tool to build forms in React. We definitely use Formik in our neeto products.

Free material to learn how to use Chrome dev tools