Running server in development environment

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Running Rails server

In the previous chapter we had set up a basic Rails server. There we ran the Rails server from the terminal using the bundle exec rails server -p 3000 command.

We can also use an alias, that is s for server, in the above mentioned command to run a Rails server in the shortened format, like so:

1bundle exec rails s -p 3000

The p flag is used to specify the PORT number on which the server will run. In this case the PORT number is 3000.

Merely running the Rails server for an application which also uses Webpack to compile JavaScript assets and related files can cause performance issues and slow down the overall development process.

Thus we should compile Webpack related files separately.

Using Webpack development server

Before moving further ensure that you've set your webpacker and webpack-dev-server versions as mentioned in this section.

We will run the rails server command in one terminal and the webpack-dev-server command in another terminal.

Open a new terminal tab or window. In the "Terminal" app in macOS you can do so using command + T keys for a new tab and command + N keys for a new terminal window.

Once a new terminal is open, run the following command:


webpack-dev-server is an executable file which resides inside the bin folder. Running the above command will start the Webpack development server and Webpacker will automatically proxy all Webpack asset requests to this server.

Running the application

So to summarize, whenever testing out a Rails application in development environment, open the Rails server in one terminal and webpack-dev-server in another. Thus when stopping the application, you will have to exit from both these terminals.

If you're still not convinced on the advantages of using webpack-dev-server, then give the last two in-depth sections within the book a read and come back. Those sections might be pretty complicated. That's why it's towards the end of the book. There's no issue if you don't read it now.

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