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RaceHero brings everything about racing to your pocket in a fun and social way. Whether it is race schedules, live timing, tracking or analyzing the data, it all can be done in RaceHero.

  • Live Races
  • Visualize the Race
  • Results and Schedule
RaceHero | Live Races

Live Races

RaceHero covers live races. It displays and updates racers’s position in real-time. Deep dive into the completed laps data with just a few clicks. Track and find more about the racers by tapping on their profile information.

Visualize The Race

RaceHero generates charts for each race which helps explain what actually happened in the race. Lap time and position charts help in looking beyond simple finishing position and shows how each racer attacks and defends to earn their finishing position.

RaceHero | Visualize The Race

Results and Schedule

In addition to live races, users can look into statistics of already finished races. The app shows lap-wise performance of each racer and key stats like best lap timing, time taken compared to the winner, positions gained. The app uses trophy icons to show additional analytics like Hard Charger, Fast Rabbit, Flag to Flag Victory etc. Users can share these results on social media very easily.

Schedule helps users keep track of upcoming races, participants in those races and their past performances.

RaceHero | Results and Schedule
“ When looking for Rails and React developers, we discovered BigBinary from their open source contributions to Rails. They have delivered consistently strong work for the past 2 years and we consider them part of our team.”
Brian Ghidinelli
Founder, RaceHero

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