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    Return 400 when invalid request payload

    API builder : It’s fixed. Now you will get 400. API User : But that’s wrong too.

    API builder : Now what’s your problem.

    API User : Send 400 when data is not syntactically correct.

    API builder : What does that even mean.

    API User : Let me elaborate.

    API User : In order to create a user I’m sending the user data in JSON format. Right ?

    API builder : Right.

    API User : And the JSON that I’m sending is valid JSON. Right ?

    API builder : Right.

    API User : Then you can’t send 400. Because 400 should be returned when the data itself is malformed.

    API builder : I see. So if the payload is not valid JSON then I could send 400.

    API User : Right.

    API User : If the API accepts xml and the xml is not well-formed then you can send 400.

    API builder : Got it.

    API builder : So what status code I should send in your case when email is taken.

    API User : Let’s talk about it tomorrow.