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    Return 401 when the user is not authenticated

    API User : API that was working last night is now returning 422.

    API builder : Did you check the error message.

    API User : Yes I did. And it says “you are not authenticated”.

    API builder : Yes. I’m enforcing the rule that you need to be authenticated to create a user.

    API User : You are enforcing the rule that’s alright but you are returning 422.

    API builder : Now what’s the problem. You yourself said that if the data is “semantically incorrect” then send 422.

    API User : Yes. I said that. Now you tell me if the data then I sent is valid JSON or not.

    API builder : The data is indeed valid JSON. But my business rule is that you need to be authenticated.

    API User : To enforce authentication related business rules use response status code of 401.

    API User : Use 401 when resource needs to be authenticated.

    API builder : Cool. I’m going to fix the API now.