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    Return 422 when the input data is invalid

    API User : 422 should be used when the data is syntactically correct but semantically incorrect.

    API builder : You sure love fancy words.

    API builder : Last time you talked about data being syntactically correct.

    API builder : And now you are talking about semantically incorrect. Why can’t you speak simple english.

    API User : “Semantically” simply means business wise.

    API User : It’s possible that the payload sent by the client is valid JSON but it is not complying with the business rules.

    API User : For example in order to create a user you need name. If the payload does not provide name then it is an example of data being valid JSON data but “business-wise” it is not valid.

    API User : So in other words the payload is “syntactically correct” but “semantically incorrect”.

    API builder : That’s good to know. I will fix the code.