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    Setting up VScode

    Install VSCode from here.

    Enable AutoSave

    • Go to VSCode application
    • Go to File which is next to VScode at the top left corner.
    • Under File there is "Auto Save".
    • Click on it so that a check mark appears next to it.
    • Click on "File" again and this time there should be a check mark next to "Auto Save".

    Enable code command

    • Go to VScode application
    • Press "Shift" button, "Command" button and "p"
    • Type > shell command
    • Select "Install 'code' command in PATH
    • VScode will give you a prompt. Click "Ok".
    • VScode will ask for your laptop password. provide password.
    • Now let's test if command "code" is working or not.
    • Open terminal
    • Type code dummy.txt on terminal. A dummy.txt file should open in VScode.