San Jose, USA

2066 N Capitol Ave #1117
San Jose, CA 95132

Pune, India

Office #803, 8th Floor, Tower 2
World Trade Center, Kharadi
Pune, Maharashtra 411014

Internship at BigBinary

BigBinary offers 3 months of internship to the qualified candidates.

A different kind of internship

We do not believe that interns need to be protected from the rigors of building a digital product. Infact the whole point of internship is to show them how we plan, build, ship and maintain software.
As an intern you will have access to all our slack channels. You will have access to all GitHub repositories of the internal products we are building.

What will interns work on

You will get to see how we create issues, how we discuss design, how we do pull requests review, how we argue and how we manage conflicts. In short you will see how BigBinary works - for real.
You will be asked to design, code, debug and ship software.

Applying for internship

  • In order to apply for internship please have following items ready before clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.
  • Please have your resume in pdf format. Any resume which is not in pdf format will not be accepted.
  • Please upload your resume to either to google drive or to dropbox and have a link to your resume ready. The link should be publicly accessible.
  • The best way to check if the link to your resume is publicly accessible or not is to open google chrome in "incognito mode" and paste the url of your resume there. If you can see the resume then you are all set.
In order to record the video you can use loom.