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2 years of experience building production-ready websites using Next.js

When it comes to front-end development, Next.js has quickly become the easy choice because of it's blazingly fast build times and loading speeds and features that can help build any idea into a web app.

Static website? A blog? We've built it with Next.js

With static site generation(SSG) and server-side rendering(SSR), Next.js features the flexibility to play with data the way you want. We've built static landing pages and super-fast blogs with Next.js, and the possbilities don't end there. is built using Next.js

This website that you're seeing right now is built on Next.js. With zero configuration setup, great developer experience and growing community, we've trusted Next.js and don't see any reason not to.

We work on diverse projects for diverse Clients

Whether the project is client-heavy or just needs Next.js tinkering or optimization here and there, BigBinary knows how to build and scale Next.js.

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