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Neeraj Singh

Neeraj Singh

Neeraj loves Ruby, JavaScript and the open-source culture. He has done extensive contribution to Ruby on Rails framework. He is a core contributor to Rails's jquery-ujs library. By forcing himself to look at Rails internals he is able to understand better how Rails really works.

He has contributed to many open source applications including ActiveMerchant, Spree and jQuery. Neeraj has written extensively about inner workings on Ruby on Rails and jQuery at our Blog.

Visit video section to see some of the videos on topics ranging from jQuery Deferred to how callbacks work in Rails.

Neeraj has also produced a number of screencasts on the topic of Rails Internals, Learning React.js, and Learning jQuery.


  • ActiveMerchant is a popular payment library written in Ruby. Neeraj made a number of fixes to this library while working on payment integration for various systems.
  • Spree is a popular open source e-commerce solution in the Ruby on Rails world. Neeraj contributed to this project by writing tons of unit and cucumber tests, setting by better gem dependency system and removing dependency on resource_controller.
  • Neeraj created nimbleShop which is an open source e-commerce framework based on Ruby on Rails. It supports, Paypal and Stripe.
  • Binary Merchant is a gem built on top of ActiveMerchant. This gem makes it easier to test integration code.
  • admin_data is a Rails engine to quickly browse and search database. Live demo is available here. This gem has a good amount of both Ruby as well as JavaScript code.
  • push2heroku is rails gem that makes deploying to heroku a breeze.
  • active_record_no_table is a Rails plugin which allows a model to have ActiveRecord validation features even if the model does not have a corresponding table in the database. Now that Rails3 is released this plugin is not that useful.
  • Neeraj has also created gems like pg_connection_counter and mail_interceptor.
  • Inline confirmation makes more sense in many cases. iconfirm is an inline confirmation plugin powered by jQuery. Live demo is available.
  • always_at_bottom is jQuery plugin which ensures that footer is always at the very bottom of the web page.
  • Neeraj made a commit to jQuery strengthening test for replace method.
  • On the nodejs mailing list, Neeraj noticed that a lot of people were having problem getting started with nodejs. He created node-chat-in-steps which helps one get started with developing a chat system using nodejs.
  • jQueryBugLink is a Chrome Extension that converts bug id mentioned in the commit message into a link.