Prathamesh loves open source and Ruby. He contributes regularly to Ruby on Rails. He is also a contributor to JRuby project and has worked on migrating ActiveRecord JDBC adapter to Rails 4.2.

He also helps in maintaining Codetriage, an Issue triage website, and HTTMultiparty gem, a wrapper around HTTParty for uploading files.

Prathamesh maintains local RUG website PuneRb, and helps in organizing PuneRb meetups. He is also co-organizer of Deccan Ruby Conference, part of RubyIndia Community Newsletter and RubyIndia Podcast.

He is currently writing Building Modern Web Applications with React.js with PACKT.

Prathamesh loves going deep into internals of Rails and written blogs on many topics including Optimize JavaScript code using BabelJS, Migrating existing session cookies while upgrading to Rails 4.1 and Tricks and Tips for using Fixtures effectively in Rails.

Prathamesh loves traveling and speaking at conferences around the world. He has presented at various conferences including RubyKaigi in Tokyo, RedDotRubyConf in Singapore, MadisonPlusRuby in Madison, WI, RubyConfBrazil in Sao Paulo and GardenCityRubyConf in Banglore.

Here are some of the Open Source Projects he has contributed to