BigBinary Workshop

About the workshop

Learning anything new is not easy. Learning coding is definitely challenging. At BigBinary workshop, our goal is to help you to learn coding in a consistent and slow manner.

Slow learning is good learning

Our society is addicted to speed. We all want everything fast. When it comes to learning, going slow is a good thing. That's because, when you learn slowly, you are more likely to remember the things you have picked up.

This is why, every BigBinary workshop is structured in such a manner that you need to spend only 2 hours per day.

Consistency is key

Like with anything else in life, consistency is essential to becoming a good programmer. Every workshop participant needs to attend a small meeting everyday to tell us what they learned that day.

BigBinary workshop is 100% FREE

We believe that the ability to code is an essential part of learning in the modern world. Our goal is to make it easy for anyone in the world to learn to code without paying and without any hassles.

BigBinary workshop is 100% Remote

You don't have to go to any place to learn anything. The daily meeting happens on Zoom calls.

Where are the learning resources?

All the learning materials are available at BigBinary Academy for anyone to read the material and to try out coding exercises.

Learning material is free then why do I need the workshop

If you are able to learn from the existing learning material on the internet, then that's great. However, most of the people do better when they learn together as part of a group under a specific structure.

If we give a textbook to college students, then not everyone would be able to learn. People need structure and that's what school and colleges provide. They also need someone who can clear their doubts. BigBinary workshop provides a school type curriculum and it provides mentors. BigBinary Academy is like textbooks.

How is the workshop structured?

The workshop is currently divided into 10 levels going all the way from Level 1 to Level 10.

At each level, you will learn all three things - HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The difficulty level will keep improving with each level. At the end of Level 1, you will be able to build websites like this one.

How do I register for the upcoming workshop?

Currently, the December and January batches are completing Level 1. These batches have already started, so you cannot signup for them. However, if you are interested in future workshops, please signup using this link.

Tell me again why it is free

In this world when every company is trying to make money from the business of educating people why is this workshop free. What's the catch here.

There is no catch.

BigBinary has been in the business of building software for more than 10 years now. When we turned 10 then we started thinking about building a learning culture which is self sustaining. BigBinary workshop together with BigBinary Academy is about learning and helping people learn better.

That's why not only all the learning materials are free we don't even ask anyone for their phone number or email at BigBinary Academy. We just want you to learn.

I have a feedback/question

If you have any questions, then please send an email to

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