We are a Ruby on Rails Development Shop

We also build mobile applications using RubyMotion

Web and Mobile Development

We use technologies like Ruby on Rails, RubyMotion, redis, Ember.js, AngularJS and Backbone.js to deliver web and mobile applications.

Ruby on Rails

We love Ruby on Rails. We contribute to it to make it even more awesome. Checkout our team section for details.

Rich Client

We use tools like jQuery, AngularJS, Ember.js and Backbone.js to build applications that enhance user experience.

Mobile Development

We were early adopters of RubyMotion. It is a great way to build ios apps. RubyMotion is productive and it works.

E-commerce and Payment Processing

We love building beautiful online stores. Tweli is a great example of a successful e-commerce implementation. We have developed payment processing using Authorize.net, Braintree, Stripe, Paypal, Dwolla and custom payment solutions. We wrote an ebook on how credit card processing works in online world.

Companies that trust us

How credit card processing works ebook

We wrote an ebook on how credit card works. In the ecommerce world sometimes the jargon like merchant account, authorization, interchange fee, qualified accounts, settlement, chargeback etc gets confusing. We discuss all that and much more.

Shared Learning and Growing

Technology landscape changes fast. We are constantly learning new things from blogs, meetups, conferences and open source code. We are also giving back to the community by writing blogs, producing videos and contributing to Ruby on Rails and other open source projects.

Applications are for People

And people care about clarity, ease of use, conciseness and speed of the application. We might not be able to hit all these points in all of our applications but this guiding principal keeps us focussed on what matters most.