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    Upgrading React Native

    • React Native docs on upgrading

      The docs list two methods for upgrading React Native projects without expo:

      • Running npx react-native upgrade.
      • Using the React Native community upgrade helper.
    • React Native community upgrade helper

      This online tool shows the diff between two different React Native versions. If npx react-native upgrade does not work, we can use this tool to manually update the files in order to upgrade React Native.

      The upgrade helper needs two pieces of information to show a complete diff of the files between any two versions of React Native:

      1. The current version of React Native, ex: 0.64.0.
      2. The version we would like to upgrade to, ex: 0.66.0.

      Click on the gear icon in the upgrade helper to enter the app name. This is important because some file changes include the app name. The upgrade tool uses RnDiffApp as the default app name. We want to make sure it is the app name we are using, and not RnDiffApp.

      The next step would be to go through each file in the diff and update the files manually, starting with package.json.

      Note: Sometimes the upgrade helper will include changes to the ios/app_name.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj file. Do not update this file manually, it is updated automatically after running pod install. Read this thread on the React Native community upgrade support repo for more information on how to update the project.pbxproj file correctly: React Native community upgrade support issue #13.

      After updating the files, run the following commands in a terminal:

      • Run yarn install in the project root directory.
      • From the project root directory run cd ios and then rm -rf Pods && rm Podfile.lock (optional but recommended).
      • Run pod install inside the ios directory.
      • Finally, run the android and iOS builds to make sure that there are no build issues.
    • React Native community upgrade support repo

      This github repo is useful when we are really stuck during the upgrade process to look for an existing issue that solves the problem, or to create a new issue to get help from the repo contributors.

    Some tips:

    • To make the upgrade a little less painful, pick two versions that are as close to each other as possible. For example, if the project is using React Native 0.64.0 and we need to upgrade to 0.66.0, try upgrading to 0.65.0 or even 0.64.1. After successfully upgrading to the next closest version we can try upgrading to subsequent versions before we finally upgrade to the target version. Doing this will minimize the number of build issues we have to deal with after an upgrade.

    • If the application is small, and upgrading individually to each version is too much of a pain, then it might also be a good idea to start a new project from scratch with the latest React Native version and port the code over.

    Dealing with build issues after an upgrade

    • Build issues that involve libraries/npm modules can usually be fixed by upgrading the library.
    • It is also a good idea to check the github issues of the library for discussions on similar build issues. Sometimes, maintainers of the library will post workarounds or fixes that we can use.