Learn React Native

Upgrading React Native

  • React native docs on upgrading

    The docs list two methods for upgrading react-native projects without expo:

    • Running npx react-native upgrade
    • Using react native community upgrade helper
  • React native community upgrade helper

    This online tool shows the git diff between two different react-native versions. If npx react-native upgrade does not work for you, you can refer to this, to manually update the files.

  • React native community upgrade support repo

    If you are really stuck during the upgrade process you can look for an existing issue that solves your problem, or you could create a new issue to get help from the repo contributors.

  • React native community upgrade support issue #13

    This issue on the upgrade support repo details the correct way to update the project.pbxproj (Xcode project file) when upgrading react-native manually.

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