BigBinary is a Ruby on Rails consulting company

For over 12 years, we have been working with Ruby on Rails, and we love it. We have a track record of building high-quality software with proven results.

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Sahil Lavingia

Sahil Lavingia | CEO


"BigBinary has been a huge asset for Gumroad. They've helped us ship features we wouldn't have been able to otherwise. If you’re looking for a ruby/rails-focused dev shop, they have my full endorsement!"

Ruby on Rails

12+ years of web development
using Ruby on Rails

BigBinary has 12+ years of experience working with Ruby on Rails. We were early adopters of Ruby on Rails after realizing its exceptional productivity compared to other technologies.

As we worked more and more with Ruby on Rails, our enthusiasm for the framework grew more and more. The more we understood how Ruby on Rails worked, the more we wanted to know how all the pieces fit together. Slowly, we started contributing to Ruby on Rails, leading to our in-depth understanding of the framework's intricacies. Through these contributions, we not only enhanced our skills but also shared our knowledge by writing blogs.

Open Source &

BigBinary has extensively contributed to open-source projects like Ruby on Rails, React.js, jQuery, Sinatra, Backbone.js, Spree, BabelJS, and many more. In addition to contributing to open-source projects, we observe how they are managed and try to run our development using their core principles of collaboration and open discussion.

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Learning &

As a technology consulting company, we must constantly learn new things. We do it in a very systematic manner. Whatever we learn, we write in BigBinary Academy. We believe that you have genuinely learned something when you can write about it.

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Blogs &

In our blogs, we have been covering changes brought in by newer versions of Rails for a long time. We cover a wide range of topics ranging from action cable to memory leak to performance analysis. Our React.js team has also been very active with blogs and they have been writing about ESLint, i18next and the performance challenges.

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Ideas &

You got a product idea. That's great. Executing any idea is hard. You need to worry about incorporating the company, building a team, hiring, marketing, sales, budgeting, what to build, what not to build and what not. We understand that you have a lot on your plate. We are here to take all the engineering work off your plate so that you can concentrate on the non-engineering tasks.

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Remote &
Async communication

BigBinary has been a remote-first company since the company started. To do creative work, one needs long stretches of uninterrupted time. That's why remote combined with asynchronous communication helps us do the work most meaningfully. We don't use any monitoring software, and we don't believe that micro-management is the right way to build high-quality software.

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Team &

BigBinary is a consulting company, and our team members are everything. Over the years, we have spent much energy building this team and our habits. We are diligent about who we hire, how we hire, how we train, the minimum quality level everyone needs to meet and how we expect BigBinary folks to interact with our clients.

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