Performance Enhancements

These days, customers expect the applications to run fast. It doesn’t matter if they interact with thousands or millions of records. They expect the graphs to load quickly. The chat messages to come fast. Attachments to show up fast. Ruby on Rails is out of the box quite fast. However, as we build applications, small design decisions here and there can start weighing in on the performance. And before you know it, the application slows down.

BigBinary has been working with Ruby on Rails applications for over 12 years. During this period, we have worked on a variety of challenges related to the performance of the Ruby on Rails applications. It could be a simple N+1 problem. Or it could be that Sidekiq is misconfigured. Maybe the Redis cache is not working out very well, and instead of improving the performance, it’s harming the performance.

We have seen that many companies opt for higher computing power to deal with performance issues. It can help mask the performance issue for a while. But it also means they are paying too much and not utilizing the resources properly.

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