How we work shapes who we become️️

We work at a sustainable pace, in a relaxed environment. Join BigBinary and see work in a different light.

Remote work

BigBinary is a remote first company. BigBinary has been promoting remote work since the company started in 2011. We don’t use any monitoring software.

Flexible Timing

At BigBinary people are free to work at the times they are most productive. Some folks start the work early in the day and some folks start pretty late at night.

Work life balance

We believe that life is bigger than work. We work so that we can have a good life. We all are much more than what we bring to work. We are all part of our society, culture and our surroundings and we want you to be engaged with your community. Work should NOT be all life consuming.

Asynchronous work

We believe in asynchronous work. It means checking the email and slack messages when you are done with the work you are doing. We encourage deep work with the least amount of interruptions.

40 hours is enough

At BigBinary our goal is to provide you with an environment so that you can work at a time that is convenient to you and you can work from a place convenient to you. All we ask for is concentrated deep work of 40 hours. We believe that innovative companies are innovative because of their thinking and not because of working long hours. If Tesla would have been late by a year or two in building EVs they would still be an innovative company. If SpaceX would have been late by a year or two still they would have been the first company to have a vertical landing. Apple’s M1 chip even if it would have been late by a year or two would have been a much more innovative product than Intel. The point is working longer hours doesn’t result in an innovative solution. In fact, we see working long hours as a bug and not a feature.

BigBinary is not a family

These days companies are falling over each other to claim that they are part of your family. Not at BigBinary. We are very clear about who we are. If we work together then we are colleagues and that’s great. Some of your colleagues would end up participating in your family function and some won’t. And that’s ok. BigBinary is not a family. We are supporters of your family. We support your family by providing remote work and flexible hours.

No micro management

At BigBinary we don’t have any managers. Here no one’s job is to just manage people. We don’t believe in that. What we believe is that upon being given a responsibility most of the folks most of the time rise up to the challenge and do the right thing. It also helps build “self-esteem”. We will build “self-esteem” only if we do some esteemable job and nothing great ever came out of micromanagement.