ActionController::Parameters in Rails 5

Rohit Arolkar

By Rohit Arolkar

on July 25, 2016

This blog is part of our  Rails 5 series.

We are all guilty of treating ActionController::Parameters as a plain hash at some point or the other. But with Rails 5, ActionController::Parameters will no longer inherit from HashWithIndifferentAccess.

Inheriting from HashWithIndifferentAccess allowed programmers to call enumerable methods over ActionController::Parameters, which caused ActionController::Parameters to lose its @permitted state there by rendering Strong Parameters as a barebone Hash. This change would discourage such operations.

However since this change would have meant a major impact on all of the upgrading applications as they would have crashed with a NoMethodErrorfor all of those undesired methods. Hence this feature would go through a deprecation cycle, showing deprecation warnings for all of those HashWithIndifferentAccess method usages.

1class Parameters
5def method_missing(method_sym, *args, &block)
6  if @parameters.respond_to?(method_sym)
7    message = <<-DEPRECATE.squish
8      Method #{method_sym} is deprecated and will be removed in Rails 5.1,
9      as `ActionController::Parameters` no longer inherits from
10      hash. Using this deprecated behavior exposes potential security
11      problems. If you continue to use this method you may be creating
12      a security vulnerability in your app that can be exploited. Instead,
13      consider using one of these documented methods which are not
14      deprecated:{ActionPack.version}/classes/ActionController/Parameters.html
16    ActiveSupport::Deprecation.warn(message)
17    @parameters.public_send(method_sym, *args, &block)
18  else
19    super
20  end

If you need to convert ActionController::Parameters in a true hash then it supports to_h method. Also ActionController::Parameters will continue to have methods like fetch, slice, slice!, except, except!, extract!, delete etc. You can take a detailed look at them here.

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