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Prettier's Prose Wrap and eslint maximum-line-length error

If you go through the Prettier's Prose Wrap documentation, you can see that it provides 3 options, that is

  • "always" - Wrap prose if it exceeds the print width.
  • "never" - Do not wrap prose.
  • "preserve" - Wrap prose as-is. (First available in v1.9.0)

Now, this does not exactly give a clear idea on what each feature does, and it could be a little confusing especially between the "never" and "preserve" options.

In the below video we walk you through these options and tries to get you a clear idea on Prettier's Prose Wrap and its use-case.

Links to the pages mentioned in the above video

Mazahir B Haroon in JavaScript
February 9, 2021

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