Rails 5 allows configuring queue name for mailers

Abhishek Jain

By Abhishek Jain

on February 26, 2016

This blog is part of our  Rails 5 series.

In Rails 4.2, Active Job was integrated with Action Mailer to send emails asynchronously.

Rails provides deliver_later method to enqueue mailer jobs.

2class UserMailer < ApplicationMailer
3  def send_notification(user)
4    @user = user
5    mail(to: user.email)
6  end
9> UserMailer.send_notification(user).deliver_later
10=> <ActionMailer::DeliveryJob:0x007ff602dd3128 @arguments=["UserMailer", "send_notification", "deliver_now", <User id: 1, name: "John", email: "john@bigbinary.com">], @job_id="d0171da0-86d3-49f4-ba03-37b37d4e8e2b", @queue_name="mailers", @priority=nil>

Note that the task of delivering email was put in queue called mailers.

In Rails 4.x, all background jobs are given queue named "default" except for mailers. All outgoing mails are given the queue named "mailers" and we do not have the option of changing this queue name from "mailers" to anything else.

Since Rails 4.x comes with minimum of two queues it makes difficult to use queuing services like que which relies on applications having only one queue.

Customizing queue name in Rails 5

In Rails 5, we can now change queue name for mailer jobs using following configuration.

2config.action_mailer.deliver_later_queue_name = 'default'
4class UserMailer < ApplicationMailer
5  def send_notification(user)
6    @user = user
7    mail(to: user.email)
8  end
112.2.2 :003 > user = User.last
12=> <User id: 6, name: "John", email: "john@bigbinary.com">
142.2.2 :004 > UserMailer.send_notification(user).deliver_later
15=> <ActionMailer::DeliveryJob:0x007fea2182b2d0 @arguments=["UserMailer", "send_notification", "deliver_now", <User id: 1, name: "John", email: "john@bigbinary.com">], @job_id="316b00b2-64c8-4a2d-8153-4ce7abafb28d", @queue_name="default", @priority=nil>

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