Rails 5 - What's in it for me?

Prathamesh Sonpatki

By Prathamesh Sonpatki

on April 22, 2016

This blog is part of our  Rails 5 series.

I recently did a webinar with Srijan on upcoming changes in Rails 5. In this webinar I discussed various features and additions coming up in Rails 5.

Major Features

Ruby 2.2.2+ dependency.

Action Cable.

API only apps.

Features for Development mode

Puma as default web server.

rails CLI over rake.

Restarting app using rails restart.

Enable caching using rails dev:cache.

Enhanced filtering of routes using rails routes -g

Evented file system monitor.

Features for Test mode

Test Runner.

Changes to controller tests.

Cache content forever using http_cache_forever.

Collection caching using ActiveRecord#cache_key.

Partials caching using multi_fetch_fragments.

Caching in Action Mailer views.

Changes in Active Record

Introduction of ApplicationRecord.


has_secure_token for generating secure tokens.

Versioned migrations for backward compatibility.

Changes in Active Support

Improvements to Date/Time.

Enumerable#pluck, Enumerable#without.

Change in behavior related to halting callback chains.

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