Additional database-specific rake tasks for multi-database users

Amit Gupta

By Amit Gupta

on January 13, 2021

This blog is part of our  Rails 6.1 series.

Rails 6.1 provides additional tasks to work with a specific database when working in a multi database setup.

Before Rails 6.1, only the following tasks worked on a specific database.

  • rails db:migrate:primary
  • rails db:create:primary
  • rails db:drop:primary

But some tasks that could be applied to a specific database were missing. Let's checkout an example.

Before Rails 6.1, running a top level migration on a multi-database project, dumped the schema for all the configured databases, but if a database specific migration was run, the schema was not dumped. And there were no tasks to manually dump the schema of a specific database.

2> rails db:schema:dump:primary
4rails aborted!
5Don't know how to build task `db:schema:dump:primary` (See the list of available tasks with `rails --tasks`)
6Did you mean? db:schema:dump

Therefore, in Rails 6.1, the following database specific tasks were introduced.

  • rails db:schema:dump:primary
  • rails db:schema:load:primary
  • rails db:test:prepare:primary

Check out the pull request for more details.