Course Builder at BigBinary Academy

Job Summary

At BigBinary Academy we are attempting to build online learning material so the students could learn programming. We are at a very early stage and there is a lot to build.

All the materials at BigBinary Academy are 100% text based. We do not use video or audio because editing them is hard and time consuming.

The material at BigBinary Academy is slow-paced. The difficulty increases at a very gradual pace so that we do not loose the interest of the students.

The outline of each of the courses is already in place. The job of the person is to build and write all the course materials - lessons and exercises. The person will have full freedom in designing the course matching the outline.

We understand that the person who is good at building course in Python might not be a good person to build Data Structure course in JavaScript. In that case you will build only the Python course. However if you can build more than one course then that would be better.

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