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5+ years of web development using React.js

React.js has become the leading front-end framework for the web, and BigBinary has years of expertise building applications using it. When we tried React.js, it instantly became our favorite front-end framework.

We work on diverse projects for diverse Clients

Whether the project is client-heavy or just needs a touch of React.js here and there, BigBinary knows how to build and scale React.js. We have used React.js across applications including healthcare, e-commerce, compliance, sports, scheduling, logistics, and payment processing.

BigBinary Academy is built using React.js

We built BigBinary Academy, an interactive online learning tool. The code editor of BigBinary Academy is built using React.js and uses some of React.js' best programming practices React.js has to offer.

All front-end development

While React.js is our preferred technology for frontend development, our developers are JavaScript experts that have also worked with Angular.js, Vue.js, Elm.js, Backbone.js, and Ember.js.

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