Where in the world is Amit?

Amit Choudhary

Today’s professional world no longer looks the same -it’s not “the norm” to work stationed behind a desk from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, surrounded by your colleagues. And if you are working in the technology field, this norm could almost be called an urban myth.

BigBinary not only encourages alternative workspaces- we embrace them! Our team of skilled software developers shapes their professional lives beyond the cubicle in a modern, efficient, and productive way.

At BigBinary, Amit Choudhary plays a major role in consulting with the team’s clients to understand their needs and deliver high-quality results- but no office necessary.

Amit is a senior software developer from Delhi on the BigBinary team and has led an impressive professional career. His passion for creating programs began at a young age when he became fascinated with the execution of commands from a simple piece of code.

After joining BigBinary, Amit went to work on developing software solutions for businesses and writing technical articles for the BigBinary blog, all from the comfort of wherever he was sitting. At the beginning of his career at BigBinary, at any given time, Amit could have been found in various places around India, such as Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Hampi, Pondicherry, and Rajasthan.

By the spring of 2018, Amit journeyed off to Berlin, which became his new home base for his remote European workspace. During the next year, Amit discovered the autonomy of having a full time job and “working without borders”.

Small-sized countries with beautiful landscapes became Amit’s favorite workspaces, especially those with reliable transportation and high-speed internet availability. Whether he was admiring Prague’s beautiful architecture, sitting on Croatia’s beaches, or enjoying the cool vibe of Copenhagen, Amit has proven a cubicle is not the key to success or productivity.

Check out Amit’s first year at BigBinary:

Travel map

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Amit began his travels and discovered amazing sites and beautiful architecture while meeting his client’s deadlines.

Prague, Czech Republic Flag

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

While working remotely, he enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere and people.

Amsterdam, Netherlands Flag

3. Paris, France

Amit was able to tour the beautiful and historic places, such as the Eiffel Tower, after finishing his projects.

Paris, France Flag

4. Spain

Amit spent two weeks working and traveling through Barcelona, Costa Brava, and Valencia and on his downtime, he soaked in the beautiful landscapes and beaches. He was most impressed with how well-maintained and upscale each city he visited appeared to be. The plentiful access to reliable internet and transportation was also a pleasant relief!

Spain Flag

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

Amit truly enjoyed the “good vibes only” type of people he met while working. Their naturally welcoming demeanor made him feel right at home.

Copenhagen, Denmark Flag

6. Egypt

Egypt gave Amit the needed spiritual boost he needed just when he was becoming nostalgic about his time away from India. He worked from Hurghada and Cairo which truly gave him a taste of his homeland and he found the resemblance between the two countries quite comparable.

Egypt Flag

7. La Palma, Spain

Amit stayed a week to productively work from his remote office, but to decompress and balance himself he would take long walks throughout the city. It wasn’t a long stay, but it was an impactful one, as Spain had now proven to be one of his favorite places to work from remotely.

La Palma, Spain Flag

08. Stockholm, Sweden

Working while quickly learning he wasn’t a fan of cold weather!

Stockholm, Sweden Flag

09. Croatia

His travel journey then led him to Croatia where he discovered what he called “one of the most underrated destinations.” Besides appreciating the beautiful beaches, he was able to easily continue working on his projects as he made stops in cities like Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik.

Croatia Flag

10. Austria

Austria was quickly categorized as one of the best places to work remotely because of the available technology and ease of transportation. He added Austria to his list of favorite places to work from right next to Spain and Croatia.c

Austria Flag

11. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Amit traveled to KL to sync with a client’s remote team. KL proved to be an awesome place to work remotely as it is an advanced city with good internet coverage all over, the nightlife was awesome, the different cuisines were great, and the skyscraper city line was impressive. Amit met with awesome people and made a few good friends while integrating with his client’s team.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Flag

12. Iceland

The most beautiful country Amit has visited. He enjoyed the breathtaking landscapes and good network coverage while driving around the whole island, took stand-up calls while overlooking stunning waterfalls, made production deployments from beautiful farms, and coded away sitting beside rivers. Amit loved working and traveling here as there were very little language constraints and people were so friendly. The hourly changing unpredictable weather (sun, rain, and snow!) added to the charm of this country.

Iceland Flag

13. Germany

Amit continues to enjoy calling Berlin “home” and has also enjoyed the natural beauty of the cities he has explored, including Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf, Munich, and Paderborn.

Germany Flag