Building Modern Web Applications with React.js Book

Building Modern Web Applications with React.js

Vipul and Prathamesh are accomplished Rails programmers. Both of them love Ruby on Rails and they contribute to Ruby on Rails framework with enough regularity to be ranked in the top contributors list. When React.js was released they tried React.js and liked it enough to try it even more. And thus a journey began.

Since then they have spent a lot of time trying to piece various moving parts of React.js together. In the early days of React.js there was quite a bit of churn and each new version of React.js was breaking the previous version.

Today it seems Redux is the clear winner in terms of which Flux library to go with. This was not a settled issue when React.js was just launched. A new Flux library was appearing every two weeks. It was exciting times but it was draining too. Trying out all the new changes in React.js, the new components, the new Flux frameworks was hard work.

Vipul and Prathamesh pushed themselves and learned the deep technical tricks and then they sat down to write the book. Writing a book is a Herculean task in itself because the framework is changing as you are writing. So the authors are always trying to play catchup. But fear not, the book is done and it deals with the core concepts of React.js in a friendly manner.

If you follow the book then you will build five practical real world projects using React.js. Here are those projects.

  • First project is based on Open Library API
    Starting with a project on Open Library API, you will be introduced to React and JSX before moving on to learning about the life cycle of a React component. This project will be covered in chapters 1, 2 and 3.
  • A multi step wizard form
    In this project we will create a multi step wizard for creating embeddable forms.
  • Search engine application
    This project will build a powerful and fast search engine using React’s performance and immutability features. We will also use React addons in this project.
  • Pinterest style activities page for E-Commerce Application
    Here we’ll build a E-Commerce app front-page to display products like/faved/bought by users.
  • Social Media tracker
    It will aggregate and display likes/shares, etc. related user activity from Twitter/Facebook. This will cover the final two chapters.
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