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Mobile apps development using React Native

5+ years of web development using React Native

The traditional approach of building iOS app using Objective-C/Swift and building Android app using Java adds quite a bit of burden on the Software development team. iOS developer and Android developers need to move in tandem and this slows the project down.

Mobile apps development using React Native

We have done React Native projects for clients from diverse fields

Some of our projects are very client heavy and some our projects need just a touch of React here and there. We have used React Native in many different types of applications including health care, e-commerce, compliance, sports, scheduling, logistics and payment processing.

A couples app to lasting love

Lovewick is a fun app which helps people find love by playing games and setting relationship goals. We build the iOS and android app using React Native in a very short amount of time.

React Native
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React Native is battle tested

React Native is a new technology relatively speaking. It was first announced at React.js Conference in Jan 2015 and it was open sourced in March 2015. Since then it has gained in popularity. Some of the people we have talked to have asked us about who else is using React Native. Below are some links where companies like Instagram talk about how they use React Native.

Using React Native can save you time and money and it can also help you bring your apps to market sooner than the traditional route of building iOS app and Android app separately.

Modernize your existing iOS & Android apps using React Native

If your mobile is built using ionic, flutter, polymer or similar technology and if you want to to revamp the application with React Native then we are a good fit for you. Using ReactNative we can build both iOS app and android app using the same codebase.

React Native
Gumroad Logo
BigBinary has been a huge asset for Gumroad. They've helped us ship features we wouldn't have been able to otherwise. If you’re looking for a ruby/rails-focused dev shop, they have my full endorsement!
Sahil Lavingia
Founder, Gumroad
RaceHero Logo
When looking for Rails and React developers, we discovered BigBinary from their open source contributions to Ruby on Rails. They have delivered consistently strong work for the past 2 years and we consider them part of our team.
Brian Ghidinelli
Founder, RaceHero
Working with BigBinary has been a game-changer! BigBinary team brought technical leadership with a strong emphasis on creating business value. We have built a long term partnership that it now feels like they are simply an extension of our internal team.
CEO, Agent Bright
numberF Logo
As a tech company, you depend on solid engineering expertise with trust and confidence. The BigBinary team are not only very knowledgeable and come up with innovative solutions, but more importantly, are responsible and reliable.
Dadi Akhavan
Founder, Tweli & numberF
CareGeneral Logo
We have worked with BigBinary for over five years. BigBinary team is a pleasure to work with. Besides strategic advice they bring insights and ideas about product strategy and direction that we highly value.
Dirk Peters
Founder, CareGeneral
lovewick Logo
The partnership with BigBinary has been invaluable for Lovewick, and going from an idea to a beautiful App Store-ready React Native app felt painless. Looking forward to working with the BigBinary team as we expand and grow.
Ali Maggioncalda
Founder & CEO

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