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Software Development


Nov 2014 - Present

The Challenge and Process

Compliance Manager Dashboard

The old application had buried the data under multiple clicks. For a compliance software data needs to be front and center and that's what we did.

We made dashboard have all the information a compliance officer might need. We created cards for each section and each card is color coded for easy understanding. If a card is green then it's all good. A red card means it needs attention.

From Scattered Data to Useful Insights

Reports are all about getting to right data without too many clicks. Whether one is looking for one week of data or one month it's a click away. Reports can be further drilled down by category and other risk factors. All the reports can be exported in excel or CSV format.


Whole new Document Control Center

The old document control center looked like a regular file system on laptop. Getting to the right document was often confusing. The new document control center has all the data in the Dashboard making it easy to get to the right document.

Document Information

Responsive Design

This application is used in via many different devices and thus the application needed to be fully responsive. We ensured that the application works fine in all different screen sizes and resolutions.

Compliance Manager Dashboard

Technology Stack

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