Ruby on Rails development and consulting


At BigBinary we have been working with Ruby on Rails for close to 10 years now. We were early adopters of Ruby on Rails after we saw how much more we can get done in a week with Rails compared to other technologies.

As we worked more and more with Ruby on Rails our passion for Ruby on Rails grew. We also started understanding much better how Ruby on Rails actually works. Since Ruby on Rails is open source, we started contributing to fix bugs. Slowly we graduated to adding new features to Rails.

We are happy to say that three of the BigBinary team members are in the top 40 contributors to Ruby on Rails.

We have spoken at many global & regional conferences

From Tokyo to San Francisco, from Colombia to Colorado, from Bangalore to Barcelona - BigBinary team members have spoken at many global & regional conferences. We have covered topics like Advanced Ruby on Rails, Autoloading, upcoming changes in both Ruby and Rails.

Rocky Mountain Ruby Conference Boulder
Ruby on Rails Conference 2016 Kansas City
Kansas City,
Full Stack Fest
Ruby Conf Philippines 2015
jQuery Conference
Golden Gate Ruby Conference 2014
San Francisco,

Blogs & Publications

Both Ruby and Rails are constantly changing and we need to keep with it. We can read about the changes and we can start using it. However we believe that in order to truly understand the changes we need to dig deep into the subject.

That's why when Ruby or Rails adds a new feature then we study the pull requests and the commits to go beyond the headlines. This gives us better understanding of how the whole thing is weaved together. And then we write a blog about what we learned.

So far using this process we have published more than 230 blogs. We have published series like Ruby 2.4 series and Rails 5 series.

Our blogs are regularly covered by publications like Ruby Inside and Ruby Weekly Newsletter.


Conferencia ROR
React on Rails WorkshopConferencia Rails in Madrid, Spain
RailsGirls PuneRuby Meetup Pune, India
Ruby on Rails BugmashRuby Meetup Pune, India
React on Rails WorkshopFullStackFest in Barcelona, Spain

We have conducted many workshops at different places including Madrid, Barcelona, Columbia, Bangalore and Pune. Our approach towards workshops is not to dazzle the attendees but to impart them with something that is useful and instantly improves their lives.

Years of Experience

Over the years we have done lots of projects using Ruby on Rails. Some of our projects are as small as building a functional prototype in four weeks and in some projects we are still part of development team more than two years after the initial launch. Some applications need to be HIPAA compliant and some applications deal with multiple payment processors.

We are happy to have clients from diverse fields like Health care, Payment processing, Logistics, E-commerce, media, compliance software, video streaming service and Real estate.